Happy Chocolate Day 2019: Best Wishes, Images, SMS, Quotes, WhatsApp Messages and GIFs

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Chocolate Day 2019 is the third day of Valentines Week. If your partner is a sucker for chocolates, then you should feed her cravings this time of the day. This is different from July’s International Chocolate Day. This is the Valentines Week version for lovers who are into chocolates.

The love for chocolate has been spread all over the world. The children and adult would perhaps agree that it is one of the sweetest things around. And for lovers this Valentines Day, chocolate should be one of the ingredients to surprise her and make her feel very much special.

Celebrating Chocolate Day 2019

The first thing you should do before heading to your nearest and favorite chocolate store is to think about what sort of chocolate to buy. As you might have known, chocolates have so many flavors and variations. Hey may all be just chocolates but there are still some different things for each of them.

Kinds of Chocolate

Basically, there are a few variations for chocolate. But since there are people who have managed to create their own versions of chocolate flavors, you can’t really generalize them now as just chocolates. But yes, they are in nature, still chocolates.

Anyway, here are the three most common chocolates that you might have encountered from your favorite stores.

The Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate is the type that has that bitter taste in it. There some brands that make plain bitter ones and there those that make bittersweet ones. Whichever you prefer, know that the dark chocolates are considered the richest and most nutrient-rich type of chocolate.Chocolate Day 2019

White Chocolate

This type of chocolate is part cocoa and milk powder combined. This is best for those who like chocolate and milk at the same time. The aroma of chocolate and the sweet scent of milk when combined makes a very good and delectable food for the heart.Chocolate Day 2019

Semisweet Chocolate

Semisweet chocolates are the ones you buy commonly from any stores. It is typically the type of chocolate that is available anywhere. And since it has less cocoa ingredient, it is much cheaper that is why it is available almost anywhere.

So which chocolate does your partner prefer? Although all of them are great tasting, there are some who has no appetite for the bitter ones and there are also some people who have very low lactose tolerance.Chocolate Day 2019

If your partner is lactose intolerance, do not go for the milk chocolate. The typical sweet chocolate will do just fine. And since we are talking about surprising your loved one with chocolates, why not add some flare to it. Use her pictures or both your pictures as wrappings for the chocolates. It would be and nice if she sees it. She might keep some as a memento for this Valentines effort you did for her.

There goes your Valentines week’s Chocolate Day 2019.  Happy Chocolate Day lovers!

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