Happy Kiss Day 2019: Best Wishes, Images, SMS, Quotes, WhatsApp Messages and GIFs

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This year’s Valentines Week will be eventful for most lovers. And this Kiss Day 2019 will be even more memorable because we will help you make the most out of it. So set your buckles up, prepare your smoothest heart-melting lines, and get the sweetest kiss ever from your loved one.

Celebrating Happy Kiss Day 2019

The Valentines Week Kiss Day 2019 is the last day of the Valentines Day. So that is February 13th. Before the most romantic day of the year, why not start some good old romancing before the love date. Here is some information about Kiss Day 2019.

What is a kiss?

A kiss is the pressing of lips to another surface. It can be between two lips, on a skin, or anything. A kiss is a gesture to show affection or for some culture, it is used to show respect, to bid good luck, greetings, and appreciation. There are also some instances that the kiss is used to express love or lust. In the end, a kiss is only as meaningful as the intention behind it.

Give a kiss

This Valentines Week, giving a kiss will not just mean as a routine to remind us of the love that has always been there. This time, it will be used as a gift. How do we do this? Here is how you can make this Kiss Day 2019 special.

  1. A kiss will only take a second or two and by the time it pulls away from the one you are kissing, it is done. So why not make it more meaningful by planning a romantic evening for tonight.
  2. Since this is supposed to be a different kiss than all the others, it should be done at the right moment and in the right way.
  3. Set a date or a dinner for two. Anything goes here. Whatever sort of date you have in mind tonight, it is all up to you.Music on Kiss Day 2019
  4. Prepare your favorite music. The best way to go back and reminisce those fond and not so fond but memorable memories is through playing the music that has been a part of your love story.
  5. In the middle of your dinner date, start the playlist and ask her to dance with you.
  6. Slowly but surely, take her to those moments you shared. From the time you first met her, to the time she became yours. Remind her of the promises and the plans you made together. Tell her of the things that she does not know about you and ask her of the thing that you don’t know about her.
  7. Try to stay on the romance and avoid opening up hurtful events. Otherwise, you will be ruining it before the kiss happens.
  8. And when she is at her happiest, tell her the rest of your plans for the future. The plans that still involves her. Those plans that will make her not just your queen but the queen of the world. A little wordplay and poetry can go a long way here so give it a shot.
  9. Let her drift away to the comfort of your arms and the warmth of your love for her.
  10. And at the right time, when she closes her eyes, you will slowly put your lips to her lips. Right at that moment, keep it long and lingering. You both have no reasons to hurry. Just kiss and let the world drown out to the voices and yearning of your hearts.Kiss Day 2019

Last thoughts…

Do this right and you will have other great memories to keep together. Love is in the air so let’s celebrate this love week this year with good memories and sweet future promises to stay together for now and always.

If you have other ideas to spend this year’s Kiss Day 2019, feel free to leave your thoughts on the comment section below. Share the love now and always.

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