Happy Proposal Day 2019: Best Wishes, Images, SMS, Quotes, WhatsApp Messages and GIFs

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For those familiar with the Valentines Week, here comes the second day which is also the most exciting day of the week: The Proposal Day 2019. Is your partner making you dream of a future with her? Do you think that your love for her is the one that defines all these year’s heartbreaks and tears? Do you feel that this is where the road had brought you all along—right next to her? If that is the case, ready the ring because it is Proposal Day for you my friend.

If you are feeling jittery and some bit of nervousness, it is normal. It does not mean that you are uncertain. It most of the time means that you are somehow excited and somewhat scared of messing this all up if you do this wrong.

And since your curiosity found you hear we might as well help you out get this thing right. All you need to do is follow my lead. You can take it from there once you finally get the grasp of what I am about to tell you. Here is what you should do.

Proposal Day 2019

Get a ring

This proposal will be nonsense and pointless if you do not have a ring to seal the deal. The ring is the most crucial part of this moment. So better make sure that you get one right after you are done with this article. That is because boy, you are getting the hand of your most beloved tonight. Don’t worry; it is not literally just the hand. It’s her whole life and your life as well (and yes, you get the rest of the body if you can’t sleep on it).Proposal day 2019

It does not have to be an expensive ring. Whatever you can afford will do the trick. The price does not really matter. It is the execution that will sweep her off her feet. But if you insist that it will make her happier with a big diamond ring, then, by golly, go and get one.

Plan a dramatic entrance

Like I said, it is the execution that will make a bang on your proposal. So when you finally get the ring ready, the next move is to plan your execution. So it is show time now.

I can’t really give you any specific example of how to do that big bang execution. It has to be your own idea. But what I can tell you is the part where it should be unknown to her. And if you can, do not involve any person that could eventually ruin the surprise for you. Just gather all the people that you think will be in to really help you do this eventful thing the right way.

Here is where your creativity will be put to the test. Use as many resources as you can afford to give. It does not have to be expensive. Some instances, people do this right by using only words and some kneeling. If that is your forte, you may go for it. Just make sure to do it at the right time and place.

Set the mood

One of the biggest mistakes a man can do on his proposal night is being insensitive. While your intention is of noblest and sweetest, it does not mean that any timing will do the trick. When the main event night is at hand, make sure to observe the mood first. All will just go to waste if you propose to her just when she is having a bad day. The chance of you getting a yes tonight will be as slim as that ring you are hiding in your pocket.

So avoid being hasty. Feel her mood at first. If it is not as positive as it supposed to be, initiate some effort on your part. I suggest opening up some old fond memories to get things started. Make her smile and make her laugh. And when the right time comes, you will know it right there and then.

When it’s time

This part of your proposal is all yours. I don’t have something smart to say but to bid you good luck, wear your heart like a crown, and make her say yes in your sincerest way.

You can start with some promises for the future or some present fondness you are both having. It does not really matter. You will know in your heart what to say and when to say it. Show her the ring with a dramatic kneeling to make it more gentlemanly. Ask her the question and patiently wait for her to say yes.Proposal day 2019

If you did these things right and you did get a yes, congratulations! This Proposal Day 2019 is a success. We wish you all the best and a positive future for both of you.

Feel free to leave some suggestions about the best way to propose this year. Any new and unique ideas will be appreciated.

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